Communication in babies

Communication in babies

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How to educate your child?

How to educate your child?

For most parents, it is difficult to decide whether to leave the child alone or to let go alone. When and for how long can a child be left alone? When should I let you go to the shop alone, to school?

How to educate your child?When should you first sleep with friends, in the gym, on class trips?
There are obvious differences, but the development of children shows many similarities, and there are empirically based answers. However, it's worth thinking first before you say it, but mine is not too mature or too mellow. Because in most cases, children can, and must, be accustomed to independence. Before going into more detail, it is important to know that there is no legal rule in Hungary that limits any age limit.

Source of the article: Eszter Salamon: Book of Szьlх-megrzõ cнmыParents should take back the parenting opportunity, the power and the responsibility, however busy they are on weekdays. Do not give, call the task to the school or school. He can't do it. The volume presents this task in a variety of ways, including requests for answers, and even provides an overview of the legal environment, eg: Children's Rights in the Language of the Child; UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, etc. which shows similar popular volumes.

It is up to the parent to decide how he made his decision. Of course, accidents can happen, but it is also common practice in the case of children left alone. careless warnings are usually only used in kindergarten or younger children, or when only a small child is left alone with a 6-10 year old sibling. This experience should not be overlooked. Two things are for sure: every kid aged 5-6-8 is more cautious when he is alone, and you know, the eyes of the parent are not paying attention instead, and our children are much leaner and more trustworthy than most parents think, harder to trust to live with this confidence.
School children can be left alone in the apartment for a few days, and children 10-12 years old can be left alone for a couple of years - it is important to keep close to the small age. You should definitely have a key or know how to open the door from the inside. In the first period, it is important that the child knows the emergency number, the parents 'or grandparents' mobile phone and the workplace number.
Kids need to be able to learn 112 at a very young age, and there is also a solution to having a neighbor that the children know is staying at home and the neighbor knows that the child or children are alone. This variant can work if you have to run down to the store for a few minutes with the kindergarten kid. Bigger publicity is only needed for this kind of security if we go for a longer period of time, say, to the cinema, to the theater. Of course, it is a prerequisite for everyone to be able to show their child the most important household tools at the age of 4-5, so they can open them when they start school. Obviously you don't have to learn to cook for a baby, although I cooked it myself when I was nine, because my mother couldn't master this art.
There are also many who are afraid to let their young children go to school, to the gym, to the store. However, this should be done in the best interests of your child's safety. We can send a large group school to the store if you don't have to go through the road, with money and a known brand. The first time a school-age is ready to show you where and how to cross the road is to go alone afterwards. I had never met a parent who, when asked to let go of the child and carefully followed it from 50 to 100 meters away, would not have experienced the child being as attentive as he or she was when he or she took his or her hand .When the first break comes, adolescence, you don't even remember to sleep with it. They believe in transport. However, if we are traveling, we will wait until adolescence or beyond, and may just pee or jog as he or she crosses the road. You can also get in public transport on a publicly known route, right from the first to the second age. In the case of children who are regularly in the car, we need to spend a few months without these cars on these trips if we want them and ourselves.
For a kid who is traveling alone or coming home alone, it is a good idea to put a cheap mobile phone in your hand first, so that you can't call your parents out of your grandparent's house. Many are afraid that if the child is excluded, they will immediately enter the home. Although the world is safer than the media or the neighbour's neighbors suggest, we definitely need to set some rules for home and the street. The most important home rule is to never open a door to anyone, even if you don't open or acknowledge. Even if a neighbor, a police officer or a friend rings, there should still be a rule for the child to call the parent before opening the lock.The most important rule of the street is that if you find something strange or insecure, szьlхt. If you want to take something away from him, don't stop, give it and run away. That's why it's also handy to buy cheap phones. It is worthwhile to make sure that the house key and any document containing my home address are never in the same place.
According to Hungarian law, everyone should have a personally identifiable ID card (this is an ancient socialist passport, it is worthy of the foreigner to give birth to the police) In the case of smaller children, the person of the child should always be the parent. A lot of money is by no means, but just as we don't like to leave home with a completely empty wallet, it doesn't even matter if we have at least a hundred or two hundred forints, even if we pack it for lunch in public. You never know when you'll need it, but it's worthwhile to agree on how to use it. It doesn't matter if you have pocket money or something else. If you have pocket money, do not invest in what you can use it for your own money, although most kids will accept tips. You can find the volume in stores and webshops.Related articles in this topic:
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At birth, the feet are made mainly of cartilage and fat. They will take 21 years to completely ossify. In the meantime, they must support the weight of your little one. It is therefore important to offer good shoes ... at the right time. Our advices.

At the age of walking, how to find a shoe to his foot?

  • The acquisition of walking usually occurs between 9 and 18 months. To counterbalance his rather broad head, planted on a small chest, the budding walker moves his knees bent, legs apart and feet turned inward.
  • Observe it carefully. Does it have very strong feet, with a pronounced arch? If so, all shoes can suit him, high, low, laces or scratch. The situation is different if his little feet turn out to be lacking in tone. In this case, only one choice is necessary: ​​classic shoes with laces, with a sufficiently high stem, lateral buttresses and an internal arch.
  • Important detail: equip them with a non-slip sole for a smooth running.
  • The size of the shoe should be appreciated when the child is standing, the heel positioned against the bottom of the pedometer, and taking into account the thickness of the sock.

From 3 years, the foot is transformed. Which model of shoes is it better to choose?

  • This must be adapted to the morphology of the child's foot: wide or slender and small. For the same brand one model will fit and another not at all.
  • But whether it is high or low, the shoe must maintain the foot. For small feet, lacing is preferable. The sole must be slip-resistant and flexible, for a good adaptation of the not to the irregularities of the ground. The buttress and the side edges will be rigid enough to hold the foot without putting it in a yoke. If in doubt, ask the footwear or the doctor or pediatrician.

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Lucky First Names: Felicia

Lucky First Names: Felicia

16 weeks pregnant

16 weeks pregnant

It is normal for a woman to feel the need to have everything under control at the beginning of pregnancy, but when she arrives at the week 16 pregnancy realizes that some aspects are beyond her control.

At this stage you will begin to question how you will properly cope with motherhood and what priorities you should have. The woman will be building a new identity and will be better adapted to this new situation.

It is the 16th week of pregnancy the uterus has already reached a considerable size and it is natural that its growth compresses some blood vessels, making it difficult for blood to circulate. Some women may experience some discomfort such as more tired legs and swollen feet. In addition, stretch marks may appear on the breasts, abdomen, lower back and thighs of women.

At week 16, a woman may experience changes throughout her body, including her external genitalia. The vagina will have more elasticity and more discharge (white and thick), and due to these changes you can develop vaginal yeast infections. As for the vulva, inflammation and increased pigmentation can occur, going from a pinkish color to a bluish color.

Another change that a woman can experience at this stage is in her sexual appetite. The hormones will no longer be as agitated as in the first months and the woman will feel less discomfort, so she will feel better in her relationship with her partner.

From the 16th week of pregnancy, the woman will feel more animated, with more enthusiasm and with less discomfort. Your emotions will be more in control.

In the week 16 The woman must make the second visit to the gynecologist, where she will check her weight and blood pressure. It is a good time for the woman to share her doubts, fears and concerns with the gynecologist, and thus drive away the problems she may have with sleep.

He may suggest that the woman perform some tests to ensure that everything is still under control with her and her baby. The first, a blood test or "triple test" to measure the levels of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and the hormones hCG and estriol, in the mother's blood.

This stage is also a good time for the woman to return or start practicing some type of sport or physical exercise, in moderation. They are very good at stimulating blood circulation, alleviating lumbar discomfort and making women feel comfortable with their body and image. Swimming, for example, is one of the most recommended forms of exercise during pregnancy.

Dental cavities and oral sepsis are very frequent during pregnancy, due to the deficiency of vitamins that leads to food retention between the teeth. That is why it is very important to maintain oral hygiene.

In the week 16 of pregnancy, the fetus usually measures between 12 and 18 centimeters and weighs about 150 grams, approximately. Little by little he becomes more like a baby, since in the next few weeks both his weight and his height can double.

At this stage of pregnancy, your arms and feet begin to form. Legs are longer than arms and move, and toenails begin to grow.

The embryo's brain is developing, as well as its entire central nervous system. The embryo has a straighter head, although it does not yet have hair. His eyelids are still closed and his heart pumps about 23 liters of blood a day.

It is very important for women to acquire healthy eating habits at all stages of pregnancy. Especially from week 16 on, it is convenient for women to start a diet rich in essential nutrients for their body and that provides a balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. You must avoid too many calories.

In this stage where the embryo develops the extremities of its body, the role of calcium is very important since it will help the formation of teeth, bones, in addition to favoring the woman's body. Surely, when you do the review with the gynecologist, he will prescribe a calcium supplement.

Iron is also important and should be in the diet of the pregnant woman at this stage. You should eat more meats, legumes and nuts.

The constipation that usually bothers the pregnant woman at the beginning of this second trimester, can be combated with the consumption of at least 8 glasses of water a day.

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, it is not advisable for the woman to wear heels or very tight clothing, to avoid disturbances in circulation.

The woman has every right to be absent from the workplace for medical examinations and tests.

The woman should avoid being exposed to paintings, if she wants to set up her baby's room. It is important to know what paint you use and not be in contact with it for a long time because it can have serious effects on the fetus.

Very careful with the infusions. Be aware that there are herbs that can be dangerous to the health of the fetus. They can cause spontaneous abortion. It is best to always consult with your doctor.

At this stage some women can feel the first movements of their baby.

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According to those skilled in the art, counting macronutrients is a significantly more effective method of calculating calories. What it means?

Diet: Count calories instead of calories

Those who want to lose weight most often reduce their caloric intake and start moving: in principle, this is the most perfect way to get rid of the extra weight. However, we are better off with a rather than macaroons Macronutrients - in short, macros - are nutrients that help our body to provide the energy levels it needs to function properly. There are three macro elements: a zsнrok, the szйnhidrбtok And a fehйrjйk. The basic split is as follows: 40 percent carbohydrate, 30 percent fat and 30 percent white, but the individual split is naturally quite different depending on the individual.
According to experts, whatever the goal - weight loss, strength, muscle mass, muscle tone - is a significantly more effective method of calculating macronutrients in calorie counting.
"When kiegyensъlyozott йtkezйsrхl beszйlьnk is szу arrуl tulajdonkйppen that zsнrok, szйnhidrбtok йs fehйrjйk arбnya the szervezetьnk is egyensъlyban Egyйni cйltуl fьgg what the szemйlyre made ideбlis arбny, elйrni kцnnyebb йs betartбsбval eredmйnyt this feltйrkйpezйsйvel than kalуriбk szбmolgatбsбval." - said in a statement Coach Matt Hodges, inventor of the MPH method.
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