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Giraud Meaning - Origin and Names

Playing with cardboard boxes: activities for children 2-6 years

Playing with cardboard boxes: why it's good for children

A big empty box is a great starting point for creative and imaginative play. Your child can decide how to change the box into something she can use for pretend play, like a castle, shop, cave and so on. Then she can use her imagination and problem-solving skills to turn her ideas into reality.

Cardboard boxes can also encourage physical play. Often the first thing your child wants to do with a cardboard box is to climb into it - and perhaps jump out to surprise you!

What you need for playing with cardboard boxes

Boxes of any size are fun to play with and will get your child's imagination working. If you can find a really big cardboard box, your child can fit inside it and create something amazing. You might be able to get cardboard boxes from local supermarkets and other shops.

If you want your child to be able to change or decorate the box, some of these might be useful:

  • scissors or a craft knife (adult use only)
  • tape and glue
  • paints, marker pens or thick crayons.

Depending on how your child wants to use the box, he could also use things like:

  • colourful paper, foil, cellophane or fabric to decorate the box
  • paper plates to use as the wheels of a car, bus, truck or train
  • puppets and a bit of fabric for a curtain to make a puppet theatre.

How to play with cardboard boxes

There's no 'right' way to play with a cardboard box, so let your child decide what she wants to do and follow her lead. You could start by just talking about the box together. For example, ask, 'How big is it? Can you fit inside?' or 'What does it remind you of? A house? A car?'

If your child needs suggestions to get started, you could try these ideas:

  • Make a house. Cut open a window and a door and let your child add cushions and other 'furniture'. He could bring in some toys for a tea party.
  • Make a plane or a car. Use paper plates for wheels and steering wheels. Cut off the box flaps and stick them back on as the wings and tail of a plane. Let your child draw or paste markings and racing stripes.
  • Make a robot costume. Cut out a head hole and armholes for your child and let her decorate the box with foil and coloured markers.
  • Make a puppet theatre. Cut a doorway and a window on opposite sides of the box. Hang a curtain over the window and let your child put on a show for the family from inside the box.
  • Decorate the box. Cut holes for your child to stick colourful cellophane over. Let him draw or paint on it, and stick paper or scraps of fabric of different textures inside and outside for a sensory experience.
  • Use the box to encourage active play. For example, turn it sideways to make a tunnel. Or your child could be a Jack-in-the-Box - crouching low inside the box and then jumping up like she's on a spring.

Adapting cardboard box play for children of different ages

Let your younger child take the lead with cardboard boxes. Let him climb in and out, or make scribbles on the box with markers.

Encourage your older child to get involved in construction. But help her to solve problems rather than giving her all the solutions. For example, let your child work out whether glue or sticky tape works best, or which way up the box should be for a puppet show.

Babies develop most of their senses from intrauterine life. They are smiling for the first time in their mother's womb and they can recognize her voice from birth. They grow in a month like others in a year, doubling their weight with which they were born during the first months of life. When in the womb, they are the first to feed, taking the umbilical cord with all the nutrients they need, leaving the mother with the rest. What you may not have known, however, is that newborns have moments when they do not breathe and cry without tears. There are other unusual things you may not have heard of. Here are 10 of them:

What do you need to know about the screening system?

The abdominal wall has a few weak lacerations where the so-called lobes may form: first and foremost, the ribs, where the shins, nerves, ribbons and ovaries run into the thigh or genitals.

Abdomen is one of the symptoms

The hernia (hernia) is formed when the motile tissues of the abdomen (abdomen and gizzards) protrude on these areas. Additional gateways often occur in the pericardium and in the compartment area.In infancy, the most common type of hernia is the hernia. There are a lot of children, boys and premature babies nine times as oftenlike girls. The arch may be a family predisposition. The archive can be recognized in two thirds of the cases in the first three months. The thighs are clearly visible and well palpable. It may appear on one or both pages. The swelling in the gums (hymen) is particularly noticeable when the abdominal muscles are tightened when the child is hollow, coughing, yelling, or raining.

The most common symptoms of lumbar spine

  • Embrace it
  • Hasfбjбs

  • In case of a broken hernia, the following:
  • Hбnyбs
  • Szйkrekedйs
  • Circulating Feeding
  • Normal artefact does not cause much pain or malaise. The surgery is necessary but can be planned with confidence. However, if the visceral portions were trapped in the gateway, severe pain, nausea and vomiting would occur. In such cases, the child should be taken immediately (emergency surgery!) In the case of suspected medical examination, the child should be taken to a doctor. Although these may include lymph nodes or endocrine tracheal stomach swellings, a physician should exclude the corpus luteum.The hernia does not heal by itself. The wing arch must always be operated. As long as the viscera have not clipped, the operation can be safely planned. However, an emergency surgery is required for a broken hernia. Scheduled surgery can be performed in an outpatient clinic or pediatric emergency department.Related Articles:
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  • The article Dr. med. Helmut Keudel-Dr. med. Barbara Capelle is based on the Children's Disease Book.

    Name Ester - Meaning and origin

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    Derived from Hesther. Persian ester, "star" and Hebrew lehastir, "hide" .The Bible devotes a whole book to the beautiful Esther who hides her Jewish origins to marry the king of Persia Ahasuerus (Xerxes I). By foiling a minister's plot, she got her husband not to slaughter the Jewish people. In February-March, the Jewish holiday of Purim celebrates Esther's petition. We make pastries, we disguise ... Like many biblical names, it was the Puritans who introduced Esther in the seventeenth century in the Anglo-Saxon countries.

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    Drowning: watch out for inflatable pools

    Drowning: watch out for inflatable pools