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My mom is Hungarian, my dad is Egyptian

My mom is Hungarian, my dad is Egyptian

In Egypt, life is completely different, other traditions, opportunities. There is something we can envy.

Sherif Hosny (37) Real Estate Investor
Homeland: Egypt, Cairo, 2004 й ta l in Hungary
Felesйge: Ligeti Йva irodavezetх
son: Amir, 6 and f ile years
(Sheriff and Amir in a previous photo)
I was born in Cairo, but I lived in Dubai between the age of one and eighteen. After graduation I studied at the Technical University of Budapest. I met my future wife when I was last year.
Changing my country, home, and culture was not easy at first, but I gradually got used to it. Since my baby was born, you will see a number of striking differences in the gyereknevelйs terьletйn. Usually children stay home with their mother until the age of six. Very few give birth to children, and only when the mother supports the family.
After childbirth, unpaid leave can be claimed by moms for as long as they wish to stay at home. If you return to work after ten years, you may be required to take it back. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that family reunion much tighter in my country. This strong rope and relief will never be lost. Families generally try to keep their geographic proximity. Young people are looking for a home in the immediate vicinity of their parents and brothers and sisters. Generational unity is also common in us. My grandmother is old and needs more travels, so my parents decided it was better to live with them. After my sister was born, my mother spent two months helping her with everything. This is a habit in every family. In Hungary this is more difficult to operate.

Illustrations - Parents stay home with the child for as long as they want

When our baby was born, my mother was able to spend a little time with me, I worked, and the majority of the tasks were done by my wife alone.
In Egypt, an average family raises three to four children, but big cities and small villages show another pattern. In primary schools, teachers teach in difficult conditions, with an average grade of 35-40. Discipline is no great challenge either, because respect for adults and children is an essential part of our culture.
Many times my wife explains something to my two-year-old little boy as if he were an adult, although there are things that you don't have to do, just do it. There is something a child can do, and there is something a child cannot. No need for a contractorfor example, if you want to play with a double-edged round.
The answer is clear: no. I still have thirty years old "Gender" in my life. I wouldn't even think of collecting or asking before my parents. There are some essentials that make life simpler, clearer. The root of this is the interrelation of our religion and culture, our everyday lives.

Chicken oyster is one of the classic dishes of Romanian cuisine. Serve with hot mamaliguta or pureed garnish.

Preparation time

60 minutes




1 chicken (1.5 kg)

1 garlic capatana (7-8 garlic cloves)

1 tablespoon flour

1 chopped onion

100 g butter

1 teaspoon sweet buoy

150 ml white wine semi-dry (dry)

2 tablespoons tomato paste



1-2 was dolphin

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Method of preparation

Cut the chicken into appropriate pieces, season it with salt and pepper and allow it to brown in fat.

Add the onion and fry for another 10 minutes. Add lemon juice, then sprinkle flour and mix vigorously.

Pour the wine and the rest of the ingredients, then fill with a little water and let it boil 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Serve hot ostropel, with mamaliguta alongside.

The type of kitchen


Tags Chicken Main course

Huero egg or anembryonic pregnancy. When the pregnancy is unsuccessful

The hollow egg, also known as anembryonic pregnancy, occurs when the baby does not develop although the gestational sac does. The embryo stops its formation early without developing or does not even start its formation process directly. Know what is the hollow egg in pregnancy or failed gestation.

Although the embryo does not prosper, fertilization does occur and hormonal levels are altered with it, giving rise to pregnancy symptoms such as the absence of menstruation, nausea or breast sensitivity.

The cells of the gestational sac cause us to even take a urine pregnancy test and the result is positive even though there is no baby.

As there is no fetus or the possibility of it developing, abortion is inevitable in the event of an anembryonic pregnancy. This interruption of pregnancy can be carried out naturally, which is what occurs more frequently, and may even go unnoticed if it coincides with the dates of menstruation. If the interruption does not occur spontaneously, it would be necessary to schedule a uterine curettage.

According to the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the hollow egg is the cause of four out of ten premature abortions.

According to experts, in most cases the hollow egg is produced due to some chromosomal or genetic alteration that occurs at the time of fertilization, either in the ovum or in the sperm that fertilizes it.

Smoking and the age of the future mother increase the risk of suffering from these chromosomal alterations.

But, How do you detect an empty egg? Anembryonic pregnancy is confirmed by a transvaginal ultrasound from the sixth week of pregnancy. It is through this test that the specialist assesses whether or not there is an embryo within the gestational sac.

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5 Tips for Preparing for a Advent Free Picnic

5 Tips for Preparing for a Advent Free Picnic

The Advent period means two things to mothers with small children like me: a kid and a panic. I think the first one doesn't have to be overlooked, I'm realizing that my little family's father-in-law (well, most of all his father-in-law) is enthusiastic, but that is why I panic.

Preparation for Christmas

I sincerely admit that, as I have grown up so far, I have always been blessed with festive preparations. I did not consider ourselves due importance to mйzeskalбcs-smell, anyagбban rйnszarvasmintбs pulуverben, mikulбssapkбval the fejьnkцn gyъjtogassuk vasбrnaponkйnt the advent koszorъ gyertyбit but miуta kids intйzmйnyesнtett frames kцzцtt (ie уvodбban) vetхdik kйszьlnek this holy ьnnepre, it is not uncommon to valamelyikьk dawns hajnalбn indiбnьvцltйssel kцzйnk in the szьlхi бgyba to х so, so happy because of the advent of kйszьlхdйsrхl бlmodott.Ilyen kцrьlmйnyek kцzцtt nyilvбn kegyetlensйg would tehбt elbliccelni the kйszьlхdйst, you can azйrt course йn szeretnйm kiйlvezni the kцzцs alkotбs nyomбn kialakulу ьnnepi йs lбtni atmosphere of the szemьkben csillogбst; no, but what can a mother do if she is dull, time-consuming, has many children and is tired of losing her spark of creativity?

1. Don't panic first!

No problem, if you don't have an Advent calendar, you can even throw in your own make-up for the kids. Maybe more if they are more, but you only do it at dawn. We do not have one, so one day before December, but there are such sock socks all over the house, it would be a good idea to have something useful for them until the parties are still here for the day. The same goes for Christmas gifts: if you plan to have everything wrapped up by November, something will come up and there will always be something that you leave out at the last minute. Just like last year. But still You just got it And it will still be so, so relax.

2.Don't look at your facebook!

It's best if you close the machine in January, but at least you don't log in to facebook. This can help you avoid that stomach suppressed sensationI ismerхseid posts in vбltanak belхled out that csъfolt mйzeskalбcsnak kйpzхmыvйszeti alkotбsokkal, koszorъnak becйzett virбgkцtйszeti with great йs vasбrnapi ebйdnek бlcбzott Michelin-starred menьkkel tцkйletesen pуzolnak ondolбlt frizurбval, kцrьlvйve happy szeretх children, smiling familiarly Advent candle fйnyйnйl.

3. Spend your free time on your kids!

You cannot be surprised. For example, hamburger. I, too, let go of the tiredness that went on the other days and started firing on them. And though they prematurely got bored of it, I was filled with joy and, of course, they were aching to shit when my children trampolizing in the garden yelled at me, "Mother!" The whole neighborhood has heard it well, and half the street say that I am a hardworking super mom and nobody needs to know that all this was done by me in a breezy, careless, ordained child. It may not have been true.

4. Bring the Christmas storybooks!

Every household has some of the most rewarding holiday books that do not have too much literary value, but your children are not bothered by this at all, , hoping we won't be looking for a year. It is time for a nуtбzбsnak, cell hair, sing to the song, chant the song!

5. For sure, for sure

Once you have the calendar, the wreath and the honey, the gifts are wrapped, and your holiday shopping is checked out, there is no other option than finding and closing your child's ears on a solid basis. So far, we've had two kids with three kids in a Christmas outfit. What is it?These may also be of interest in Adventist preparation:
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    This is how you can help your child overcome his fobby

    Meaning of the name Bertualdo. Name for boys

    How to feel good about your pregnant body

    How to feel good about your pregnant body

    Whether you've dreamed of being pregnant for years or it's taken you by surprise, chances are you've imagined what pregnancy might look and feel like. You may be looking forward to the changes your body will undergo as your baby grows – or you may be dreading them.

    If you're apprehensive about the transformation or worried that being pregnant means you'll "lose your looks," remind yourself that all these changes are happening for a good reason: You're creating a new human being! With that in mind, here are a few pointers to keep you looking – and feeling – your best.

    Stay active

    When you feel bloated and sick to your stomach, simply getting off the couch can seem like challenge enough. But resist the urge to loaf. Even taking a 10- or 15-minute walk or doing a little yoga will leave you energized and feeling more like your pre-pregnancy self.

    Exercise also promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance, so it can help you manage the extra weight you're carrying, prepare you for the physical stress of labor, and make it much easier to bounce back after the baby is born.

    See more on the benefits of prenatal exercise.

    Don't underestimate the power of makeup

    "Makeup can do wonders during pregnancy. It can be used as a tool to feel pretty and in control," says makeup artist Bobbi Brown. That's particularly important during a time when many women feel like they've lost control of their body.

    Makeup can be a great way to give yourself a quick pick-me-up, so go ahead and have some fun. Try a new shade of lipstick or eye shadow, or go all out with a complete makeover.

    Read more about looking great during pregnancy.

    Avoid drastic hairstyle changes

    One of the perks of pregnancy – thanks to pregnancy hormones – is thicker, more lustrous locks. (You're not actually growing more hair – you're just losing less than usual.) Some women also notice that their hair is shinier or the texture changes.

    If you normally have a lot of thick hair and worry that it may become unmanageable, a shorter cut may be easier to maintain while you're pregnant. You could also try using clips, headbands, and side combs.

    Just remember that these differences in hair texture and volume aren't permanent, so avoid making drastic changes and work with your stylist to find a cut that suits you.

    Embrace your inner fashionista

    There are so many fabulous choices in maternity wear that your biggest challenge will be sticking to your budget. Stay true to your style and build a small but practical pregnancy wardrobe around a few staples.

    Maternity jeans can anchor most outfits and are available with elastic side panels or supportive tummy panels. Tops made of stretchy fabrics like Lycra can grow to accommodate a full-term belly. For fancier occasions, consider maternity wrap dresses – they're comfortable and create a flattering silhouette.

    Black – the perennial favorite color of chic, nonpregnant fashion plates – also works wonders for future moms. Accent basic black clothing with statement jewelry or a colorful silk scarf. And although loose, roomy clothes are comfy, don't be afraid to wear form-fitting outfits that emphasize your growing bump.

    For more fashion pointers, see our articles on the secrets of maternity dressing and how to dress for the workplace.

    Don't neglect your skin

    The same pregnancy hormones that send your emotions into overdrive can also wreak havoc on your skin. Your complexion may look great (thanks to that pregnancy glow) or you may break out like you're a teen again. Your skin may also become drier than usual and look splotchy.

    If your skin troubles are distressing you, consider seeing a dermatologist for advice on treatments that are safe to use during pregnancy. He may suggest a home remedy or over-the-counter products, or even prescribe a medication that's safe for moms-to-be.

    If you notice patches of darkened skin on your face, you may be experiencing melasma gravidarum, or the "mask of pregnancy." For most women, the discoloration gradually fades after delivery, but you can safely minimize it in the meantime by using a broad-spectrum sunblock with SPF 30 (or higher) every day and applying concealer.

    A good moisturizer can work wonders anywhere your skin feels dry – including your expanding belly. "The best way to prevent that annoying itching as your belly expands is to keep it well moisturized," says Alexa Boer Kimball, a professor of dermatology at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

    You may even want to try one of the belly creams purported to prevent stretch marks. Experts say they don't work, but some moms swear by them.

    Splurge on a spa treatment

    A manicure, pedicure, or facial can lift your spirits and give your self-image a quick boost. Throw in a pregnancy massage for good measure. There's nothing like being pampered for an hour or two.

    If you can't afford to treat yourself at a spa, do a mask and manicure at home – or throw a "pampering party" with a few close friends.

    Talk yourself into a good mood

    If all else fails, remind yourself that even though you can't squeeze into a slinky dress or your favorite jeans right now, you're still fabulous. Beauty is a state of grace, not a certain look, size, or weight. You're pregnant, glowing, and beautiful.

    7 Body Changes to Expect While Youre Pregnant