About Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy

About Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy

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Baked potato with pipot

Baked potato with pipot

Baked potato with pipot, a simple, but nutritious recipe, recommended for babies aged 10-12 months.


  • a potato
  • the pipot
  • dill
  • a teaspoon of olive oil
  • four coils of salt
  • 1. The potato is peeled, washed, put in a pan, pour a teaspoon of oil on top and sprinkle salt;
    2. The pipette is washed and boiled;
    3. When the pipot has boiled, clean the meat from it, and cut into small cubes;
    4. Pipette cubes are placed in a bowl over which the baked potato is placed and the washed and chopped dill is sprinkled.

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    Riddle: I have a round head

    Riddle: I have a round head

    Guess riddle


    I have a round head,
    no nose, eyes, or forehead.
    My body is made up
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    Games with sand

    Between 6 and 12 months, your baby is a follower of discoveries. Every day, he progresses in his learning and he loves materials like sand that give him new sensations. At the beach and at the park, play dragging these facetious little grains between your fingers and make sure to provide him with toys that he can grab or throw. Construction cubes or small plastic balls are good playmates, as they should distract him from throwing sand at him and so avoid getting into his eyes.

    Recipes with orange for children

    Recipes with orange for children

    No cook Chocolate Orange Recipe. Cooking with kids. Family recipes

    Pregnancy is a period full of suspense and unique emotions in life. You can make the most of it if you take good care of yourself in the 9 months and make sure you avoid all activities, foods, medicines and other things strictly prohibited during pregnancy. Avoid things that can harm pregnancy!


    Quit smoking during pregnancy! It is best to do this before conceiving the baby, but this depends on the doctor's instructions and your will. Cigarette smoke affects the development and growth of the fetus.


    There are drugs allowed and prohibited during pregnancy. It is good to refrain from taking during pregnancy even the medicines that are considered safe if you do not have medical advice before. Note that for some women these can have harmful effects depending on the particulars of pregnancy and health.


    Stress damages the pregnancy, so avoid as much as you can in the 9 months to expose yourself to the sources or traumas that can cause it. Try to make this period one of the most peaceful and fruitful of your life, avoiding all the events and situations that put pressure on you.

    Extreme sports or intense physical activity

    It's time to give up on extreme sports like climbing, bungee jumping, skiing or other adrenaline-filled activities, but extremely risky. You are responsible for the baby in the tummy, so do not risk. Avoid prohibited activities and lifting very heavy weights.


    Alcohol has harmful effects on pregnancy. While some experts believe that a small amount of alcohol would not endanger the development of the fetus, others believe that even a small amount may be a risk factor that is too high for pregnant women to assume.


    You certainly do not want to get very fat until the end of 9 months. But this is not a good time for diet. Starvation - part of many diets - can deprive the fetus of essential nutrients in its growth.


    Pay attention to x-rays and other consultations that require their use. X-rays are dangerous in pregnancy and endangering the life of the fetus. Therefore, it is advisable to ask before any medical procedure if it involves the use of them or other substances that can cause pregnancy.

    Toxins and polluting factors

    It does not expose you or come in contact with toxic substances, which may endanger the development of the fetus or give rise to teratogenic effects. Some gardening, cleaning or cosmetic products contain certain chemicals that can cause unpleasant pregnancy effects. That is why it is good to protect yourself by wearing gloves, masks and other protective devices.

    Mercury rich fish

    Fish is essential in pregnancy nutrition. But there are several types of fish that contain large amounts of methylmercury, which is extremely toxic to pregnancy. In general, these are very large fish such as shark, tuna, perch, ash, swordfish. Do not consume these kinds of fish, but opt ​​for other types that are healthier and useful in pregnancy.


    Consume as much water as possible! Dehydration is dangerous for the baby during pregnancy and should be kept away. It can induce contractions and trigger premature birth. Remember to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, sometimes even more!

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    Overexposure can also affect sperm quality

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