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Multiple pregnancies and fertility techniques

The fertilizationWhen it occurs naturally, it tends to produce single pregnancies in 99% of cases, so the remaining 1% are multiple pregnancies, either twins or twins.

However, when we examine pregnancies produced by Assisted reproduction, the index goes up. In these cases, 20% of the pregnancies that are achieved through fertility methods result in a multiple pregnancy, be it twins, triplets or even more.

The fertility techniques and multiple pregnancies they are closely related. The In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) the chance of having more than one baby increases as more than one fertilized egg implants in the uterus. However, many couples are afraid of this incidence of multiple pregnancies. How to solve it?

Having twins and even triplets is easier when the couple resorts to fertility treatments, so much so that in recent years, twin pregnancies have increased, since more and more couples find more problems to conceive naturally.

However, since multiple pregnancy is considered a risky pregnancy, experts try to fine-tune their techniques to avoid this situation. And, the single pregnancy has much fewer complications than a twin or triplet pregnancy.

Today, in many countries, assisted reproduction clinics are already trying to prevent twin pregnancy. How do they do that? During ovulation, each follicle releases an egg that is waiting to be fertilized. Today, clinics cancel the assisted reproduction cycle if the woman has more stimulated follicles than recommended. In addition, the number of embryos that are transferred is controlled, implanting only one embryo or at most two.

Is about avoid cases as serious as octuplets or quintuplets pregnancies, real cases that have occurred in different parts of the world after an In Vitro Fertilization. In this way, a single embryo is selected and the one that has a high probability of development is chosen.

This does not mean that a couple is free to have a twin pregnancy after having conceived through an assisted reproduction method, but it is important to know that specialized clinics are aware of the problem and increasingly put more means to prevent this from happening .

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Multiple Pregnancy and Multiple Births: Understanding the Risks for Mothers and Babies

Reasons Kids Shouldn't Use Fireworks at Christmas

Reasons Kids Shouldn't Use Fireworks at Christmas

Thefirecracker shops they rub their hands just thinking about the parties to come. From a few years to date, Christmas has become a display of fireworks, firecrackers and gadgets of all kinds that explode.

But is this really noise festival and explosions are fun for everyone?

We explain what the reasons why you should not use pyrotechnics at Christmas.

Parents rampage stores hungry for gunpowder so that your children can see the entire arsenal that they plan to display in such important parties: firecrackers as fat as a banana, lights that run on the ground looking for children's feet, mini fireworks that explode a few meters from us ... But, Should we really use pyrotechnics?

My family is very much given to loading themselves with an arsenal of gunpowder every December 31 as if there were no tomorrow. It seems that the end of the year dinner is a simple excuse for all of us to go out to the patio to throw all kinds of gadgets that explode and make a hellish noise. "Child you light the fuse, you'll see what fun!" - My brother-in-law says to his son while the boy covers his ears with a terrified face at the latest acquisition of my brother-in-law "The megapetardodestrozaodios."

It is impossible to descale the dog from under the kitchen furniture after the first family firecracker, and the family's new baby cries inconsolably at all the festivities.

The idea of ​​putting a little noise in that night can seem attractive, even have fun, but the truth is that we are not aware of the repercussions, not to mention the danger that the use of firecrackers has.

To get started, firecrackers are dangerous, they can fail at any moment and explode before their time, we all know a story in which a child lost a finger or an eye while trying to explode a firecracker in bad condition.

Nor is it negligible that some Fireworks They shoot out in all directions without knowing what their final destination will be. The neighbor's dog? The grandmother walking down the street with her grandson? ourselves?

The truth is that, apart from the obvious danger that it entails play with gunpowder, there are other damages that we may not have fallen into. We are talking, for example, of children with autism, who have a high hearing sensitivity and who may even experience a sensation of pain from excessive sound.

Another example is the babies we have had on stretchers throughout their lives, speaking softly so as not to wake them up, putting recriminating eyes at all the friends who visited us and dared to laugh a little louder than normal, but that the night of End of the year We decided to give hundreds of decibels in front of the stupor and fear of our Zen babies.

And, we should feel no less supportive, with those animals They do not understand parties or why we have to celebrate the complete return of the Earth to the Sun, and they have hypersensitive hearing.

The worst thing is that many times these celebrations extend to 15 days of Christmas, which becomes a real torture for all of them.

We should consider different parties and in solidarity With everyone. We sure can find a way to celebrate Christmas without having to hustle the neighbor.

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10 Times The Loud House Wasnt Meant For Kids

Cute activities where you show your love for the child daily

Cute activities where you show your love for the child daily

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Of Slavic origin, Svetlana comes from "sviet", the light, or "swieta", the saint. It's a very common name in Russia. Under this name of Slavic origin, in Greek "Photiné", the East venerates as martyr the Samaritan woman whose Gospel of John relates the dialogue with Jesus and the conversion. After the resurrection of Jesus, she will work to announce the news around her. She died as a martyr in Carthage around 65. Her birthday: March 20th.

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Vaccines in children, lined with sweetened water

Veal cutlets with mushrooms

Veal cutlets with mushrooms

A light and nutritious dish special future moms. Very low in calories, the mushroom contains fiber, many vitamins and minerals, potassium in the lead. It is also rich in vitamins of group B, important during these nine months.


For 4 people

  • 4 veal cutlets
  • 375 g mushrooms from paris
  • 2 hazelnuts butter
  • 25 cl light liquid cream
  • 1 shallot
  • salt
  • pepper


Wash the mushrooms and cut them out. Cut the veal into thin pieces.
In a frying pan, heat half of the butter and put the meat to brown for 10 minutes. Salt, pepper and keep warm.
Put the butter to heat in another pan and brown the mushrooms and shallots for 3 minutes over high heat. Add salt and pepper. Add the cream and cook for 3 minutes over very low heat.
Return the veal to the pan and cook another 5 minutes over low heat. Serve immediately.

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Strange but true: False pregnancy

Many women who feel nausea and fatigue mistakenly conclude that they're pregnant. Then Aunt Flo arrives, and the nausea and fatigue disappear. While frustrating, phantom pregnancy symptoms aren't necessarily uncommon – just ask anyone suffering through the two-week wait to do a pregnancy test.

But for some, the symptoms are so realistic and long-lasting that the women remain convinced they're pregnant for nine months or even longer – despite the fact that there is no baby.

Pseudocyesis, or false pregnancy, is extremely rare. "I've only seen two cases in my 30 years of practice," says Norman Duerbeck, a high-risk obstetrician at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital in San Diego.

Women with pseudocyesis may stop menstruating and have distended abdomens – probably caused by gas, says Duerbeck. Their hormone levels may rise, and their breasts can become engorged, sometimes even releasing colostrum. Some women develop health complications associated with pregnancy, such as preeclampsia. False pregnancy can even result in contractions.

What causes this strange condition? In some cases, an entirely unrelated physical or mental health condition is to blame. Ovarian tumors and severe depression, for example, can lead to both elevated hormone levels and the cessation of periods.

In most cases, however, the cause is psychosomatic – that is, a woman wants so badly to be pregnant that her brain creates changes in her body. Sadly, the condition is frequently triggered by trauma, such as multiple miscarriages or the death of a spouse. "It's very difficult for patients to accept that the pregnancy is not real," says Duerbeck. "They might even 'see' a fetus on the ultrasound screen."

Thankfully, there are fewer cases of pseudocyesis today than before, perhaps due to the availability of early pregnancy tests or perhaps, as Duerbeck suggests, because the role of women in society is less tied to motherhood than it was in the past. If there's one thing the disorder can teach us, it's that mind and body are strongly connected.