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I take out a little hand and make it dance. Children's songs

I take out a little hand and make it dance. Children's songs

This song, 'I take out a hand' It is widely used in kindergartens and nursery schools to teach children between 1 and 3 years old to enhance their memory, through the repetition of this little sung poetry, and also to improve their motor skills by moving their little hands.

In addition, children tend to like songs with gestures a lot, and with this one, the handymen have a lot of fun because it allows them to dance and move to the beat of the music.

A very simple song, which children can memorize in a short time and through their dance they can improve their motor coordination and body expression.

I take out a hand and make her dance

I close it, open it and put it back

I take out another hand and make her dance

I close it, open it and put it back

I take out the two little hands and make them dance

I close them, open them and put them back.

To my hands, to my hands I move them, and I walk them, and I walk them,

to my hands, to my hands I move them, and I walk them doing like this:

Making noise, and a lot of noise, we hit our feet, our hands too

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Morning sickness, a sign of a healthy pregnancy?

Morning sickness is a common symptom in the first trimester of pregnancy. However, if a woman does not manifest them at all, it does not mean that the pregnancy is at risk or that there are problems! Moreover, there are voices that say that morning sickness is healthy, is a good sign of pregnancy, but there are also theories that suggest the emergence of risks associated with them, such as abortion, premature birth or low birth weight of the fetus.

Are morning sickness a good sign of pregnancy?

It is true that their presence does not mean that something bad is happening in the body, moreover, the specialists have concluded the morning sickness in pregnant women helps to protect the baby and to carry out the pregnancy without problems.

It seems that nausea and vomiting, respectively, have a protective role against the fetus, preventing the penetration into its body of substances with potentially dangerous that could jeopardize its development.

They claim that nausea often occurs as a result of a mother's reaction to the sight and smell of certain strident foods, which once ingested, may be causing food poisoning. For example, when smelling alcohol or cigarette smoke, the mother's body reacts through nausea and vomiting, thus preventing the body from entering and reaching the fetus.

The fetus is vulnerable to contamination with dangerous toxic substances about 6-18 weeks, which is exactly the time when the mother often manifests morning sickness. That is why experts argue that graces have a protective role for the fetus.

Can morning sweats specific to pregnancy be dangerous?

Over time, there were ideas that suggested a connection between pregnancy loss and women experiencing morning sickness.

Therefore, some researchers have suggested that the weight loss followed by heavy vomiting presents a slight risk of:

  • miscarriage;

  • premature birth;

  • bodily conformation of the newborn younger than normal for his age;

  • low birth weight of the fetus.

Even though morning sickness is normal during pregnancy, any change in duration and abundance in their manifestation may suggest pregnancy problems. If the vomiting is present in large quantities and the feeling of nausea lasts too long, then the pregnancy will be devoid of appetite. This effect leads to dehydration and endangerment of the pregnancy. If you experience nausea and vomiting that last too long, call your doctor.

Why do morning sickness appear?

Scientists have failed to discover a clear cause of this pregnancy symptom. They also failed to find a logical explanation for the fact that some women show morning sickness and others do not.

The occurrence of frequent morning sickness in pregnancy was due to the sudden hormonal changes that take place at the beginning of the gestation period. It is possible that spontaneous amplification of the level of estrogen and human chorionic gonadotropin may be their cause.

There has also been a theory that justifies their appearance only to some pregnant women. According to her, the morning sicknesses are inherited. Thus, pregnant women whose mothers suffered from nausea when they were pregnant have a three times higher risk of manifesting this symptom.

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Coloring picture: My friend the cat

Coloring picture: My friend the cat

Download the coloring to print

In Matrjoska Matrjoska - I told you I would have a baby

Whoever is on a romantic table, who is dressed in poins, and simply tells you that the trunks are coming.

Our first baby boy was born on August 20, 2006, Benny. It could be said that it was "stormy" because it was the horror storm that destroyed the fire in Budapest that day.
It was one year when we decided: The little brother could come. My brother's uncle just went to Moscow that month for a conference. I don't know where it came to me that I needed a baby mattress, but I immediately told her to bring her. I hid it carefully, but I really had to wait for the big news to be announced. Because the little brother really didn't want to apply. They needed her. Aztбn !!! I did the test one Monday morning. My boyfriend wasn't home yet. I made a delicious dinner for the evening and searched the wardrobe for that dreaded mattress baby. Well, I arranged my little family: the biggest was dad, the next was the mother, a small piece of Berci, and the smallest got into the mother. Then I put it on the shelf because I rushed to work, which is where I got home for the first time.
Juliet barked at my brother: he reached the previous train, goes to Berciere's doorstep, and then they hurry home. Uh, that's really big trouble. Phone the neighbor who had the key to our apartment:
- Anik, dear, don't ask for anything! Go up to our apartment and bring the mattresses on the shelf to your apartment. I'll tell you everything!
After ten minutes, the sms came, "Everybody's done!"
Well, puff, your neighbor knows about the baby before my family. When I got home, I bought the babies. The dinner was very pleasant. And at the end, I started to handball:
- Hell, I cleaned up and found something. I unloaded our family.
I brought my "little family" and started explaining to my little one who it was. She just woke up, holding the baby in hand:
- Mom, something's ringing.
My son helped him open the baby. He solved the solution:
- Man, are you well?
- Yeah.
- Sure?
- Yeah.
She was crazy at the same time, and at the same time, she thought it was only a little baby with us. And from the moment I was told the big news, I was completely delighted. Baby Marci was born on June 25, 2011. With it, our family was complete.
Bernadett of the Dregs
A pregnant woman should do everything not to gain excess weight.

Easier to write, harder to do? For sure, however, it is worth knowing that too much weight gain in pregnancy is very often a harbinger of other problems - both mother and child. Therefore, it is worth ensuring regular, harmonious and controlled weight gain.

Excessive weight increase increases the risk of:

  • longer and heavier delivery, which is often a consequence of cesarean delivery,
  • preeclampsia
  • problems with varicose veins,
  • premature delivery
  • high weight newborn (over 4 kg),
  • giving birth to a child with a birth defect (the risk is doubled),
  • future obesity and diabetes problems,
  • the appearance of major mood swings,
  • trouble sleeping
  • problems back to the weight before delivery,
  • swelling of the legs and ankles.
  • joint pain (spine, pelvis, ankles, knees).

Unfortunately, excess body fat can hinder ultrasound examinations, which are crucial when it comes to your child's health.

Why is excess weight so difficult to lose after pregnancy?

It is not easy to reach a figure from before pregnancy if you have gained a lot of weight. It's because fat cells produce leptin and adiponectin, which slow down metabolism and reduce the body's ability to burn fat. Therefore, there is a simple relationship between the amount of fat accumulated and the possibility of losing it after pregnancy. The more kilos there are, the harder it is to lose them. Theoretically obvious ...

On the other hand, this issue is very individual. If a woman has a fast metabolism, then the problem is not big. However, if the remains after pregnancy are difficult to burn, it can be expected that after another pregnancy it will be similar, so if a woman is anxious to return to her former figure, she should do everything to burn excess calories and fat as soon as possible and not fall in the plus pregnancy.

How to control your weight in pregnancy?

Many experts argue that it is enough to eat healthy and care for pregnancy during pregnancy, so as not to worry about the weight ... Do you think so?

However, if you need advice, below are some checked.

  • eat unprocessed food - real meals that have valuable nutrients and you can eat them properly without restrictions. You don't have to deny it. Also, you rarely eat too much when eating real meals.
  • often drink water with small sips,
  • take care of systematic energy supply in the form of regular meals,
  • eat nuts, dried crunchy vegetables,
  • chew twice as long
  • move every day - walk around,
  • do not count calories, do not lose weight, do not torment - stress badly affects the child and you - is an ally of attacks of wolf hunger.